Review of The Night of the Living Dead: A Short Review of This Classic Horror Film

So Halloween is coming up… and I decided to get into the spirit last night by watching the classic horror film on fmovie and probably the original zombie flic that started them all. And what a movie to start it with. “The NIght of the Living Dead”

My mom warned me repeatedly before it began to play on one of my movie channels. “I couldn’t sleep for weeks!” “It’s too scary” “You’ll regret this…” she warned. But I was determined to go forth with my plans. It began and from the beginning, I knew that it’s reputation was exxagerated by my mother.

Now, I understand that this film was made a long time ago, before crazy horrifying special effects and horrific directing style, but still, I think that they could’ve pushed it a little farther. If you are considering renting this movie, do. Just so you can say you saw it at least. I think everyone should see this movie because I think it set the basis for all undead horde movies no matter how recent.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It was a fairly scary film. It kept me alert the rest of the night, and did get me in the halloween spirit. All I’m saying is that don’t get scared off because of hype surrounding it. I was skeptical to see it because I’m terrified of zombie films. They keep me up and give me nightmares and I’d rather just steer clear of them. And my mom’s constant commenting on the horror that was installed into her after seeing it didn’t help.

But I forced myself to watch the whole thing and I would recommend it to people who know for a FACT that they won’t get scared. Because I thought that I wouldn’t be frightned at all by the movie Shaun of the Dead, but I was scared immensely and it traumatized my brain which had not been exposed to horror flics before that. So don’t just say, I think I won’t be scared. You should KNOW that you won’t be scared.

I’m actually glad that it wasn’t as bad as I thought because I’d rather sleep once or twice in the next month.
Now let’s discuss why it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

First off, in modern zombie films, the zombies are capable of much more than these things are. The modern ones can move faster than molasses and are smarter too. The zombies in this one are really slow and practically retarded. Not even strong enough to break a simple 2×4 to get to their food.

So, there are other factors, i read about on 123 movies, but maybe it’s this: My concept of good zombie movies has been warped by modern zombie movies so I can’t be that much help on this topic. Sorry.